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Deep Tissue Massage

Improve circulation.

Reduces minor aches and pain.

Increase range of motion.

Ease inflammation and help lower blood pressure.

Rehab for old injuries causing discomfort.

Swedish Massage

Pain management.

Increased blood flow.

Rehabilitation for muscle injuries.

Increased flexibility.

Reduced stress.

Improved immune system.

Lymphatic Massage

Stimulates the movement of lymph fluid through-

out the body.

Use gentle, long strokes to assist the body in

draining lymph fluid.

The massage will help with the removal of toxins

from the body.

Will stimulate your energy level.

Improves immune function and promotes healing.

Prenatal Massage

Alleviating back and leg pain.

Reducing labour pain during childbirth.

Lessening postoperative pain.

Reducing anxiety and stress.

Improving mood and helping with lifting depression.

Easing insomnia.

Beach Massage

Enjoy the tranquil environment of Eleuthera’s secluded beaches.

Relax, enjoy and get your Vitamin D for the Sun.

Feel refreshed and relaxed while enjoying every minute on a private beach.

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